I am the operator of AS216427 and announce the prefix 2a06:de00:ad00::/48. I run this AS as a hobby and for learning. For details, see the RIPE DB.

My AS is sponsored by iFog GmbH. The prefix 2a06:de00:ad00::/48 is sponsored by Securebit AG.

Please see the Peering Policy and the peeringdb.com entry.

I use the following import filters:

  • Reject default route (unless for upstreams)
  • Reject various bogon AS and bogon prefixes
  • Reject routes with AS paths longer than 15
  • Reject routes with (RPKI) ROA state “Invalid”
  • Reject IPv6 prefixes longer than 48 bit

Filters are based on quantum5/bird-filter. The software running for RPKI is stayrtr and FORT Validator.

I am a member of MANRS.

Points of presence

  • Hetzner, Nuremberg
  • FirstRoot, Düsseldorf
  • Virtua.cloud, Paris
  • iFog, Zurich

Peering request

Please consider using the following template for a peering request. This ensures I can already setup my end of the tunnel and BGP session.

Location: ...
Tunnel technology: (Wireguard / GRE / ...)
Tunnel endpoint: (IP, port if applicable)
(Wireguard) Public Key: (If applicable)

My AS: ASxxxx
*Internal* tunnel address(es) (for BGP session): ...

        Hints for the tunnel addresses:
        - link-local IPv6 (fe80::/16) **strongly** preferred,
        - if that's not possible, consider the ULA fc::/8 range,
          (instead of fd::/8) so I don't have a conflict with my dn42 setup.
        - Your (AS216427) address, my (ASxxxx) address

Detailed session status

Please see my Looking Glass.